General Rules of Dating

Geplaatst op 17-03-2023

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As we all know, love is a kind of a courtship ritual, and there are things that are needed to be done to create excite, stimulate, interest in ourselves. Dating is a small test for compatibility of people to see if they match each other or not.

In every society there is a certain set of attitudes and rules that we adhere to. For example, there are rules on how to behave in public, what to wear, how and what to say. The problem lies in the fact that the meeting between man and woman is also a rule and following it can help both to be successful and find a partner quickly. If we assume that dating is a game, then there are rules. There are losers and winners. If you know the rules in advance, it gives you a good start. If people know the rules, then they can change them in the light of the situation. Men like to be challenged, so a woman should not hesitate to change the rules.

Rules of dating can be divided into two groups: online dating and dating in real life. In this case, there are different rules following that a woman can achieve success.

General Rules of dating

- A woman should always look great. This is her advantage. Hair style, nice lipstick. A woman should always be ready to meet her man in any place, any time.
- Never disclose all the information about yourself. Men like mystery.
- Dating should be short. Engage man. Less is better.
- Try to be in great shape. Walk in the fitness club, go running, go swimming. But do not overdo it, man would love you in any case, so what you have.
- A man should always pay. If he wants to be with you, he will provide money to you, and good food, and that you get home by taxi.
- A man should give you flowers. If he does not know where the flower store is it’s a bad sign.
- Never sleep with a guy while he will not get you. Sex at the beginning of your dating is a way to ruin everything.
- Force the men to wait. It is the prerogative of women.
- Always be unavailable, when a man wants to see you. If he wants to meet on Tuesday, you must be available on Thursday. Tell him that you are going shopping with friends and you can not go on a date.
- Make sure that you are good at kissing. Men will go away, if you do not know how to kiss. You can train yourself on the mirror, if there is no other way out.
- Do not talk about your previous boyfriends.
- Do not agree to a date, until you get to know him better.
- If a man shows signs of possessiveness or insecurity, leave him. Life is too short, to give it all.
- If a man is scruffy, his shoes are unpolished, and he has wrinkled clothes, too, go away from him.
- Do not talk to him about your father, and even more so by comparing it with him.
- If you have a beautiful shape, demonstrate this at every meeting.
- If you want a child, do not tell him about it on the first date.
- If a guy is good, never leave him, because he can stay with someone else.
- Never criticize his mother if you want to be with him.

Rules of online dating.

- Try not to talk for a long time via e-mail.
- Block instantly those who annoy you.
- Post your best photos.
- Do not respond immediately to messages. Be more than you think.
- Always respond to emails at least 3 days after their reception.
- Never give a stranger your real e-mail and phone number.
- Always date at safe places, in public.
- Make sure that your login was sexual and mysterious.
- Do not sit on online dating site for days. Short and quick visit is the better.
- Never respond to emails on weekends. Wait working days.
- Never tell in your profile about how good you are in bed.
- If you do not want to get familiar with married men write it in your profile.
- A man who does not respond to your letter within three days should be ignored.
- Make sure you have a sufficient sense of humor.
- Do not write to hundreds of men at once. You can miss your One-and-only.
- Do not even think about how to deceive a man. He’ll find it out.

Dear women! Always remember that you are sexy, desirable and the world will always adore you. Always let the man make the choice. Always stay safe and never take risks for the sake of a fleeting date.